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Emails on laptop
Emails on laptop
Emails on laptop
  • Design beautiful emails

    Complement your brand, drive sales and engagement

    In a world of unknowns, email marketing delivers your message to who you want, when you want and shows you the results in real time. The first step is producing emails people want to open – our templates will enhance your brand, beautifully, on every modern device.

Track your results
Track your results
Track your results
  • Measure and optimise

    Use our powerful testing tools and email analytics to measure the success of your email campaigns

    Most marketing campaigns have an element of mystery about their effect. Not email – every open and click is measured and recorded in real time, enabling you to see, at a glance, which messages and calls to action are most effective at engaging with your audience. We are on hand to help you interpret and act on the results.


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Campaign 2


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  • Automate to liberate

    Hands off, enables you to get on with everything else

    From a simple thank you when someone signs up, through automated birthday greetings, to sales that start on Christmas Day (you don't really want to be in the office then do you..?) our software will take care of the send. Set the workflow up once, then sit back and relax knowing that email campaigns will be working for you even while you sleep.

Grow your audience
  • Grow your audience

    Allow your customers to easily follow your stories

    Turn your existing customer touchpoints into a way to grow your email marketing lists. Our out-of-the-box signup tools bring new subscribers right into your email lists.

Personalised content
  • Personalise your content

    Gather the right data to send the most relevant emails to every recipient

    Emails are most powerful when they're personalized. Our easy-to-use tools, yet powerful tools allow you to send hyper-targeted campaigns and deliver relevant content to the right person at the right time.

  • Integrate

    Connect to all your business apps

    We understand that InTouch is just one piece of the puzzle for you. Here are some useful ways we can integrate with your own software.


E-commerce platforms

Online booking systems

Customer Relations Management

Real time email engagement
  • Real time email engagement

    Discover people, not email addresses

    As soon as you launch your campaign, you can see where in the world your audience is opening, clicking and sharing your email. Plus, we display this all on a gorgeous full screen world map that you can share, all in real time.